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Telecrane remote controls for winches

winchIn industrial lifting, the integration of remote controls in winch operations has marked a significant leap forward in efficiency and safety. Telecrane has emerged as a global leader, with its remote controls being a preferred choice for many winch manufacturers.

Telecrane remote control for winches

Telecrane offers a range of remote controls designed to cater to various winch operations. These include:

  • F21-2SS series: engineered for standard single-speed winches, these remotes provide precise control with 2 movements.
  • F21-E2 series: suitable for winches requiring 2 to 4 movements, offering versatility for a range of applications.
  • F21 series: designed for double-speed winch movements, these remotes offer 2 to 6 movement controls, enhancing efficiency for more complex tasks.
  • Special winches: for unique or specialized winch requirements, Telecrane provides customized solutions upon contact at

Main Advantages of Telecrane Remote Controls for Winches

Telecrane remote controls for winches represent a paradigm shift in industrial lifting, offering several advantages in terms of quality, efficiency, and reliability. Their adoption by leading winch producers globally is a testament to their excellence.

  • Unmatched price/quality ratio: Telecrane remote controls are known for their exceptional balance of cost-effectiveness and high quality, offering great value.
  • Quick, decisive service and low-cost spare parts: the company prides itself on its rapid and effective service, ensuring minimal downtime. Additionally, the affordability of spare parts makes maintenance more convenient.
  • Certifications from external agencies: Telecrane products meet stringent standards, with certifications from reputable external agencies guaranteeing safety and reliability.
  • Prompt product delivery: the company ensures quick delivery across its entire product range, catering to urgent requirements efficiently.
  • Easy installation with wired cable receivers: these remote controls are designed for quick installation, with receivers featuring wired cables for immediate integration.
  • Twin version: Telecrane offers a twin version with two transmitters, ensuring uninterrupted operation with a backup transmitter ready for use.
  • Durable and easily replaceable standard AA batteries: the long-lasting rechargeable standard AA batteries, coupled with convenient replacement options, ensure continuous operation.
  • Compact and lightweight design: the remote controls are designed for ease of handling, with low weight and dimensions enhancing portability.
  • Absolute reliability and useful technology: Telecrane remotes are renowned for their reliability and incorporate technology that adds tangible value to winch operations.