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Make business with Telecrane

We actually distribute Telecrane products in more than 60 Countries in the World.
Most of the areas are managed by our local business Partners and for some other new areas we are looking for new professional cooperations.

What we offer Telecrane Partners

  • We offer our technical Partners all our experience and know how with a specific training with the purpose of having a perfect knowledge of the product that will help installation and maintenance operations
  • We offer our business Partners convenient conditions for reselling
  • We provide a certificated partnership agreement for exclusive local markets
  • We support with marketing promotional material and local events like fairs
  • We provide full access to Telecrane software and solutions
  • We support a priority assistance for specific needs
telecrane work with us

What we ask Telecrane Partners

  • We ask local best possible support for final users
  • We share a business development plan in the local market
  • We suggest a local stock for prompt, quick and convenient deliveries
  • We require a trained technical and commercial staff
  • We pretend and give seriousness and professionalism

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