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Telecrane for overhead cranes


Telecrane Remote Control systems are a globally recognized and essential component in the industrial lifting sector, having equipped over 100,000 overhead cranes worldwide.

overhead cranesTelecrane Remote Control systems, vital components for modern overhead cranes, stand as a top choice globally in industrial lifting. As a standard feature on all new cranes, Telecrane’s diverse range caters to various needs, ensuring optimal control and efficiency.

Explore Our Overhead Crane Remote Control Models:

    • F24 Series: ideal for standard overhead cranes, offering 2-3 movement controls.
    • F23 Series: designed for older standard cranes or varied applications, enabling 3 movement controls or tandem use of the crane.
    • F25 Series: perfect for facilities with more than 7 remote controls operating simultaneously.
    • For special crane requirements, Telecrane offers tailored solutions.

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Why choose Telecrane?

    • Integrated horn: the receiver unit can include a built-in horn for enhanced operational safety.
    • Unmatched price-quality ratio: exceptional value without compromising quality.
    • Efficient service & affordable spare parts: swift, decisive support and cost-effective maintenance.
    • Certified quality: accredited by external agencies, ensuring compliance safety and reliability.
    • Prompt product delivery: efficient distribution across our complete product range.
    • Easy installation: receivers come with pre-wired cables for quick setup.
    • Dual transmitter option: the twin version includes a ready-to-use secondary transmitter.
    • Durable rechargeable batteries: long-lasting batteries with easy replacement.
    • Compact and lightweight: designed for ease of use without sacrificing functionality.
    • Reliable and technologically advanced: trustworthy performance backed by cutting-edge technology.

Telecrane’s reputation is bolstered by the trust of leading overhead crane manufacturers worldwide. Choose original Telecrane for a blend of reliability, innovation, and unmatched service in overhead crane remote control technology.