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Industrial radio remote controls

A radio remote control is a useful tool for industrial operations, allowing operators to control various equipment remotely from a safe distance. There are many applications for radio remote controls in industrial settings, such as cranes, hoists, vacuums, and other heavy machinery and automation solutions.

Here are 5 key features to consider when choosing a radio remote control:


The radio remote control must have a sufficient range to allow the operator to control the machine from a safe distance. The range will depend on the specific application, but in general, a range of 100 meters is common.
Telecrane remote controls can operate at a range of minimum 100 meters.


Look for a radio remote control that includes safety features such as emergency stop buttons, a failsafe function, and feedback mechanisms that ensure the operator is aware of the crane’s movements and any potential hazards.
All Telecrane remote controls respond to safety rules and are EC-R&RTTE Certificated by external bodies.


The radio remote control should be designed to withstand the harsh environments typically found in crane operations, including exposure to dust, dirt, moisture, and vibration.
All Telecrane remote controls are built with durable nylon-fiber housing for extra shock resistance for a temperature range of work between – 40° C and + 85° C.

Easy of use

The radio remote control should be easy to operate and intuitive, with clearly labeled buttons and controls. It should also be ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue.
All Telecrane products are provided in a plug and play solution with receiver units already wired and transmitter units that can easily be operated with one hand.


Ensure that the radio remote control is compatible with the specific type of machine you will be using. For example, different cranes may require different types of radio remote controls, so check with the crane manufacturer to ensure compatibility.
Telecrane offers the largest choose of products, specifically designed for bridge cranes and several industrial machines and automations.

Overall, a radio remote control can provide significant benefits for industrial applications, including improved safety, increased efficiency, and greater flexibility in equipment operation. By considering the key features outlined above, you can select a radio remote control that meets the specific needs of your industrial operation.

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