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About Telecrane

Telecrane Limited is a multinational company ISO 9001 certified based in Taiwan, country leader in high technology products; Telecrane has been manufacturing remote controls for more than 40 years.


The Company acts in the global market distributing and installing its remote controls in more than 60 countries in the world

this assures that controls are used and tested in many different environmental conditions and industrial applications. This international experience favors a high positioned know how that positions Telecrane products forefront for reliability and flexibility of use. Telecrane is a success brand top positioned in the world of remote-control producers.


About the company

TELECRANE has various safety features such as applying sophisticated Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter which blocks unwanted radio signal to ensure a smooth radio link between transmitter & receiver. In order to prevent the crane is operated by unauthorized person, the digital pin-code (password) could be set up to the system for increasing the security.

Leadership Team

 TELECRANE will continue to dedicate all its efforts toward new heights of success. Providing a high quality, reliable and safe industrial Radio Remote Controller is always our goal and the commitment to all of our customers.