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Telecrane Counterfeit Products Warning

We wish to thank our customers for the continued support al loyalty given to our company.

Recently there have been an abundance of counterfeit TELECRANE products being sold on the worldwide market. Many or these devices are marketed and sold using the TELECRANE name and trademark without authorization.

Some counterfeits are very difficult to distinguish from genuine TELECRANE products because our logo, packaging and product labeling have been carefully duplicated. It has benn reported to us that unauthorized companies are selling such counterfeits to unsospecting parties who believe they are dealing with an authorized distributor.

Unfortunately, these counterfeits are poor imitations wich are unreliable, lacking the performance of genuine products. Crane operations, safety, and reliability will be severely limited when controlled with these inferior counterfeits devices. TELECRANE is not liable or resaponsible whatsover for problems attributed to the use of these counterfeited remote controls.

Purchasing TELECRANE products from authorized distributors ensures you receive authentic products.

If you have any doubts when buying our products, please contact us.